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“Alesandra’s property outside of Greeneville is a refuge! You can literally feel your body let go and exhale the minute you arrive.” ~J.D. and Alicia, Nashville, TN

Restore Health

Are you looking for health tips? Imagine what your life could be like with unlimited energy. Discover what can deplete your energy and health through one-on-one consultations, testing and therapies.

What makes Serenity Cove unique?

Serenity Cove is a private, secluded, natural health center nestled in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee. It is a center for education and therapy, dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing and clinical environment for achieving optimum health and vitality. In our lifestyle habits, Serenity Cove offers it’s health clients a Clinical Rest Mattress on their bed. It gives one night’s rest in just a few hours. This mattress contains all North Pole magnets which are for rest, not a mixture of North and South magnets, which other mattresses contain. The result is much more enhanced rest and faster and more complete rest restoration. The health restoration program is for people who are ready to make simple lifestyle and nutritional changes. Your experience will be one on one with no more than one or two clients seen at one time making this a private, individual health renewal retreat. You will learn a program that returns to basic principles of good health. Call us at (423) 798-0537 or contact us for more information or to make a reservation.

Alesandra Slone

Alesandra Slone

Registered Nurse – 37 years, Lifestyle/Energy Holistic Consultant, Certified Colon Therapist, Analyst of the Dr. Carey Reams Basic Ionization Test of Urine and Saliva – 25 years. Iridologist & Reiki Master

Call Alesandra (423) 798-0537 for more information or to schedule a appointment.


Martha Mayo

Martha Mayo

Massage therapy training (including a variety of modalities) since 1993, hypnosis sessions in weight release, stop smoking and any other “problem” you might have.

Call Martha at (423) 316-7753 to discuss your situation, what you’re looking for and how we could potentially be a fit for your situations.

Get Away!


Serenity Cove is also a destination get away for those for those seeking a relaxing, renewing, healthy get-away in a chemical free environment equipped with three major air purifiers and clinical rest mattresses. Serenity Cove, a Greenville TN Health Center, is situated on 60 acres of wooded land with spectacular views of the mountains. Wildlife abounds and you are within minutes of the Appalachian Trail and the Hot Mineral Spring Baths in the mountains.

Private Retreat!


You may be the only guest, or there may be one or two others.  There is time and space for healing, learning and quiet reflection. AleSandra Slone, RN, founder and director, will personally assist you through all-natural therapies, to restore your energy and health. You will be taken into Alesandra’s kitchen where she will teach you to prepare delicious, health-enhancing food. Come and experience a tranquil healing environment while you learn how your body can heal itself through simple lifestyle and nutritional changes.

Take Away!


After learning what depletes your energy and health, you’ll leave Serenity Cove knowing how to live a life free of weakness, sickness and disease.Your health renewal program will be designed personally for you.  Fees are based according to your needs.

Call Alesandra (423) 798-0537 for more information. Serenity Cove Natural Health Center is located on the North Carolina/Tennessee border minutes from the Cherokee National Forest.