Monthly Archives: February 2013

Notes on February 23rd Seminar

On February 23rd Alesandra Slone gave a seminar at Serenity Cove for about 15 attendees on: How to Restore Vitality and Health and Prevent Disease Naturally. Points Covered were: What does our body need to heal itself? What depletes our … Continue reading

February; the Month of Love

February is the month of love and we celebrate it on Valentine’s Day with the ones we love. There have been many books written on love and yet it still remains within most of us as a state we only … Continue reading

Why Distilled Water?

In a previous blog, I stressed the use of distilled water only. I am sure there are many of you who are not convinced. Let me explain: the water that we drink needs to do the following: Rehydrate, enhance circulation, … Continue reading

Often Overlooked and Important tip to the Secret of Losing weight

Do you know that most of us are dehydrated and the right kind of water,how much of it, and how to consume it is so important to flushing out our stored undigested proteins,sugars and salts that all require added fat … Continue reading