A Beautiful Testimony

Alesandra thank you for your time and thoughts!

It was so wonderful meeting you and staying at the oasis that is your home. I came home feeling more rested and less weighted than I had felt in a very long time. After over a decade of my health slowly slipping through my fingers, my life has truly changed since meeting you. I so enjoyed all of the healing therapies I experienced and am thankful for the information i learned including about Reams, energy and muscle testing. After coming home and the supplements were helping my days to be a step above what they were. But during one of our conversations you mentioned “something weird like flukes”. This resonated with us and we researched it more. Suddenly, everything seemed to make sense that was going wrong in my body. My right pain, my intestinal pain, the seemingly random symptoms and hormone imbalances, the weak liver and gallbladder attacks, the malnourishment, low stomach acid and waking up every night vomiting. After convincing a doctor to give me biltricide, the World health Organization’s choice anti parasitic, I eliminated lots of liver flukes, larva and what could have been other types of parasites. Liver flukes are very difficult to test for, but with research and trying muscle testing I was confident this was what was killing me. Thank you so much for your hands on immediate healing, your knowledge of supporting health and balance and for your gift of a comment. I was curious though, since flukes are not common in the states, how do you know about them?
I’m continuing with my supplements and breathing and water and such. I have a friend here who is actually well versed in the emotion code and we are connecting soon to address any heart walls and for her to teach more more about muscle testing.

thank you deeply

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