A Healthy Hot Tub Bath

Recently, Serenity Cove Bed and Breakfast and Natural Healing Center added a hardscape patio with a hot tub and a sitting area around a fire pit for its guests. A long range mountain view and surrounding woods makes this a lovely setting..

In keeping with the focus on health in a natural way prompted the addition of an OZONATOR and COLLOIDAL  SILVER to keep the hot tub bath clean and free of bacteria through the process of putting ozone into the bath and a natural antibiotic into the bath not chemicals like chlorine and the many others given with hot tubs. A silver dollar was also put into the water inside the filtering mechanism which will continue to release silver into the water.

Colloidal silver is used as a natural antibiotic when taken orally plus it kills viruses which is what most people complain of  and it does not destroy good bacteria in the gut as antibiotics generally do.

Colloidal silver was the antibiotic of choice in the medical field for years before the onset of pharmaceutical companies and their patented antibiotics.

The most important difference here is that colloidal silver addresses viruses as well as bacteria and does not disturb the good bacteria so critical in the “gut” Adding these to the hot tub experience here at Serenity Cove is in keeping with promoting optimum health naturally.

Finally, the skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body and will readily absorb what it is exposed to so why not make sure what it is absorbing is health promoting??

NOTE: Colloidal Silver may be purchased in a health food store and/or it can be generated very inexpensively and stored in a dark glass bottle and used when any hint of a health imbalance occurs.  It can safely be dropped into the eyes,ears and on the skin and consumed orally

It can be a way of prevention of conditions and not having to take a stronger antibiotic It is a good product to have in your medicine chest It is tasteless as well making it easy for children to take and safe in smaller amounts

Depending on your age and symptoms can dictate the amount adults can take 4 ounces every 4 hours to start and then back off to 4 ounces per day and children half of that