Serenity Cove

Serenity Cove is a natural healing and retreat center in a serene mountain setting. The staff provides a professional safe space to enhance the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being in support of the body healing itself buy Lyrica online naturally.



“Wow amazing! There are no words to describe the healing I have experienced here at Serenity Cove. Alesandra is truly one of the most caring, compassionate and knowledgeable person I have ever met.”~ Julie Greeneville, Tn Potential clients that have pet allergies please note: There are three major air purification systems in our natural healing center and the guest bedrooms are restricted from the resident dog and cat. IF YOU HAVE PET ALLERGIES take note the cat and dog are indoor/outdoor pets and do spend time upstairs, where you will be eating breakfast. You have the option of eating out on our lovely deck as well. Please let us know of any pet allergies before your arrival. Thank you Sandra Slone, Owner

Open yourself to the physical wellness, spiritual growth, emotional balance and mental well-being. Believe you can heal yourself. Serenity Cove offers chemically and environmentally sensitive clients relief to allow them to heal, in a mold free environment as well.

Serenity Cove attracts individuals who want to be as self-sufficient as possible in their life style and their health including solar energy, organic vegetable and herb gardens, wood burning stoves  and a solar well water tank.This is a substantial community forming-believing in being as self-sufficient as possible. Serenity Cove is looking for like-minded individuals who believe in the following:

  • A healthy body is the foundation
  • A positive attitude
  • A seeking mind for the truth
  • A willingness to contribute talents and monies to expand Serenity Cove
  • A belief in personal freedom and self-protection
  • A belief in a higher power

Woodland Walk

Serenity Cove was created within some very special land here in East Tennessee. Prior to a final purchase, Sandra and Gary Slone consulted with a healer and Shaman who is very familiar with this area. They found that out that this area in the 15-mile vortex where Serenity Cove is located is considered sacred by the Cherokee nation with the high energy in the land. There are caves still holding altars where the Cherokee left spiritual symbols and artifacts. The flat land along the driveway used to be a Cherokee village and no warfare ever took place here. The Cherokee had been told that this land will always be safe.

This Woodland Walk is for all who come to Serenity Cove and it is not difficult and is well-marked. Along ths walk you will see wildflowers, medicinal plants and buds, and possibly the resident lab or Cloe the cat will go with you!

Come and Enjoy it!

  • Alesandra Slone

    • Registered Nurse – 37 years
    • Lifestyle/Energy Holistic Consultant
    • Certified Colon Therapist
    • Analyst of the Dr. Carey Reams Basic Ionization Test of Urine and Saliva – 25 years.
    • Iridologist
    • Reiki Master

    go to site Alesandra Slone obtained her registered nurse degree from Presbyterian/St. Luke’s (now Rush Medical Center) in Chicago, Illinois. She has worked as a medical-surgical nurse, a psychiatric nurse, Red Cross nurse, private duty and home health nurse. Her nurse’s training, and experience in the medical field, gave her the foundational knowledge of the body in health and disease that she has used as a basis for her present work.After her medical work, Ms. Slone trained as a colon therapist in order to assist her clients in learning the importance of the colon as a focal point of all good health. She spent three years studying and doing colon therapies under Dr. Stephen Kullaway at Columbia State Chiropractic in northern Virginia.

    She then obtained training and certification in nutrition, herbology, and iridology from Dr. James Hutto and Dr. John Williams at The Advanced Holistic Health Institute in Washington, DC.   Iridology is the science of studying the eyes to determine where stress, congestion, weakness and deficiencies exist in the body.

    Alesandra is also trained in urine and saliva analysis based on the Dr. Carey Reams basic ionization test of urine and saliva. This test determines nutritional imbalances in the body and shows where obstructions are stored, both of which can lead to disease.

    Ms. Slone received certification in Reiki therapy, which is designed to balance the energy of the body. She trained with Dr. Ralph White, Grand Master and Teacher. AleSandra is a third degree Reiki master and incorporates essential oils in her Reiki therapy.

    Alesandra is trained in Rain Drop therapy which utilizes a healing power of many ancient oils dropped and massaged into the spinal column.

    She is a member of the Natural Holistic Nurses Association, National Colon Therapists Association, Red Cross, Association of Iridology, and the Association of Research and Enlightenment.

    Alesandra is a believer and teacher that stress is the “worse thing that can deplete our health.” She recommends stress relief – through a daily practice of TM (Transcendental Medicine) – which has proven scientific, health benefits. “In today’s world with all the toxicity that surrounds us and the stress, emotionally, mentally and physically, we are bombarded with, it is imperative to keep our bodies detoxified through out nutritional and lifestyle practices and to relieve stress through meditation.”

    Alesandra combines her training and experience to offer a comprehensive program of healing. She will teach this program to you, so that you can regain your vitality and health and maintain it. Serenity Cove is the third Natural Health Center Ms. Slone has founded. She has established centers in Vienna, VA, Wilmington, NC, and now Serenity Cove in Greeneville, TN.

    Services and Therapies

    “I believe the body can heal itself if we give it what if needs physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Optimum health is our birthright.  Our dietary and lifestyle choices, plus stress, can determine whether we prevent disease, recover and maintain our health or lose it.  We face a greater challenge today to remain healthy and prevent weakness and disease.  You can learn to make healthy nutritional and lifestyle choices; choices that will make the difference between health and disease.  The choice is yours.”  Alesandra Slone

  • Workshop-Martha-Mayo

    Hello and welcome! As you may have noticed, my name is Martha Mayo, and I’m part of the team at Serenity Cove. Let’s take a look at some ways you may benefit by our working together:

    Massage Therapy: I’m certified in numerous modalities to make sure your body benefits from healthy touch. 18+ years of hands-on practice. I received my initial training at the Baltimore School of Massage.

     Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD): Gently relieves your body of swelling resulting from surgery, fractures, constipation, and toxin overload. If you’re desiring facial rejuvenation, manual lymphatic drainage removes impurities and returns a relaxed glow to your skin. I am certified by the Vodder School of Lymphatic Drainage and received their certification in Austria.

    Hypnosis: When you, or someone you know, is ready to stop smoking or release weight, hypnosis can be the answer you’re looking for. Hypnosis is also beneficial for conquering fears like flying, spiders, public speaking and a multitude of other fears that bog you down.

    Read what a few of my clients had to say about their hypnosis session:

    “Martha guided me through a hypnosis session in a safe, caring, gentle and humorous way. She helped me revisit a childhood incident for a new perspective, to release old energies and allow new ones to come in. ” – Maggie Marshall,

    Through hypnosis, Martha helped me to find the story in me that needed to come out. It totally clarified ‘the why’ I am so passionate about my work and life. As a result I became a better speaker. Thank you!”- Mooniek Seebregts, Certified Master Coach,

    Have questions?

    To discover more about how massage, MLD, or hypnosis can help you, give me a call and we’ll have a chat. 423-316-7753 (EST)

    I look forward to hearing from you.