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“You will be served healthy but at the same time tasty food and be housed in a chemically free environment yet warm and inviting.” – Jenifer Atlanta, Ga”

We are conveniently located near the
National Story Telling Event.

Rest and Relax

Imagine beauty and nature all around you with mountain views as you sit on the wrap around deck. A night’s rest on a clinical rest mattress that gives one night’s sleep in just a few hours. A walk on the grounds seeing animals before your organic breakfast. Perhaps you added some natural healing therapies to your stay such as a health analysis or an essential oil massage using 10 different healing oils all medicinal layered and massaged into your spinal column.

B & B

$85.00/night. (Includes room and breakfast)

B & B & Meals

$125.00/night (Includes room, breakfast, afternoon tea & gourmet vegetarian dinner)

B & B Deluxe

$200.00/night (Includes all of the above + Guided meditation, yoga and guided hiking in the National Forest)

Optimum Health Benefits – You will experience these benefits quickly!

Finally, health therapies are available as Serenity Cove is also a natural healing and retreat center.  Meditation, yoga, massage, Reiki, health analysis through urine and saliva testing, Iridology readings and detoxification programs are available for your choosing

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