Emotional and Spiritual Thoughts for 2016

The health benefits of meditation are clinically proven. My practice is Transcendental Meditation and with 2 twenty-minute meditations per day has been life changing with health benefits and reduction of stress It also expands one’s awareness and openness to change Please visit tm.org for more information.

Our lives continue to provide ample opportunity to evolve to higher levels of consciousness if desired.

  • Think of others and be in service as much as you can. Our lives are deeply enriched when we take our focus off of ourselves.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your God

buy Keppra online uk Release the need to control
This has been a very prevalent often unpleasant journey for me throughout my life and what I have learned is that the miracles and surprises in our lives come when we give up control.
When I fall back to this very dysfunctional pattern I only experience misery I hope to write more on this at a later date. We control what we fear and the sad truth is we are not in control and what a relief to just let it go and turn it over to God. Whew, I like to think that everything in our life is in Divine timing and not our timing.

http://reachkamloops.com/news/ Be a seeker in all aspects of your life and be patient and positively persist!
Serenity Cove Natural Healing Center can help in all these areas.

Why not give yourself a gift of health this year and come to Serenity Cove to rid yourself of symptoms and learn how to manage stress along with where your daily energy is being lost and how to restore it.
– The Dr. Carey Reams Test of Urine and Saliva will bring your body and health back into balance and say good bye to symptoms. The body will heal itself it we give it what it needs, and coming to Serenity Cove will help you discover what your body needs.

“Your health is your wealth Invest in Yourself”
I will leave you all dear readers with this most important insight for me in my life at age 72 GET OFF YOUR SELF IMPOSED DAILY SCHEDULE and enjoy your journey.
Mine was to get all my errands done in town quickly and orderly even to the point of writing each stop down, so God forbid I would not have to retrace any steps and waste precious time. Did I enjoy this NO!! Did I talk to anyone NO because my schedule and time would be messed up It was nerve-wracking and no fun at all, but I persisted for years. Laboring under the illusion that my life and schedule was not to be messed with. My oh my what ignorance I finally got it late in life

I am deeply blessed by the clients I have been able to help and the gratitude that I feel and that they express to me. It is my precious work that brings me joy.
It has been a journey over many years of study and healing and assisting others and I look forward to continuing for many more years.

Thank you for sharing this with me,
Namaste AleSandra Slone

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