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Over 40 million people in the U.S. suffer from sleep disorders.

Proper rest gives us almost 80% of daily energy, along with proper breathing. Both are God-given Rights available to us all!!

Going to bed by 10:00 p.m. helps restore lost rest. It is in the hours before midnight and that are worth double the benefit as post midnight.

Serenity Cove, in it’s lifestyle habits teaching offers it’s health clients a Clinical Rest Mattress on their bed. This mattress gives them 1 night’s rest in a few hours.

This mattress contains all North Pole magnets which are for rest, not a mixture of North and South magnets, which other mattresses contain. The result? Much more enhanced rest and faster and more complete rest restoration.

Come and experience this enhanced rest when you come to Serenity Cove.

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Alesandra thank you for your time and thoughts!

It was so wonderful meeting you and staying at the oasis that is your home. I came home feeling more rested and less weighted than I had felt in a very long time. After over a decade of my health slowly slipping through my fingers, my life has truly changed since meeting you. I so enjoyed all of the healing therapies I experienced and am thankful for the information i learned including about Reams, energy and muscle testing. After coming home and the supplements were helping my days to be a step above what they were. But during one of our conversations you mentioned “something weird like flukes”. This resonated with us and we researched it more. Suddenly, everything seemed to make sense that was going wrong in my body. My right pain, my intestinal pain, the seemingly random symptoms and hormone imbalances, the weak liver and gallbladder attacks, the malnourishment, low stomach acid and waking up every night vomiting. After convincing a doctor to give me biltricide, the World health Organization’s choice anti parasitic, I eliminated lots of liver flukes, larva and what could have been other types of parasites. Liver flukes are very difficult to test for, but with research and trying muscle testing I was confident this was what was killing me. Thank you so much for your hands on immediate healing, your knowledge of supporting health and balance and for your gift of a comment. I was curious though, since flukes are not common in the states, how do you know about them?
I’m continuing with my supplements and breathing and water and such. I have a friend here who is actually well versed in the emotion code and we are connecting soon to address any heart walls and for her to teach more more about muscle testing.

thank you deeply

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Power walking and its benefits.

Why not get in the habit of a power walk every day? Preferably on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Swinging your arms and deep breathing as you walk quickly.

Try to walk where you have some hills to get your heart rate up. Aim for 20 to 30 minutes for each walk. Notice the benefits of increased energy and weight loss.

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The entrance to Serenity Cove

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Serenity Cove Hardscape

Spring and it’s beauty have arrived at Serenity Cove. With all the Spring rain the flowers are blooming and the grass is a deep, lush green, and the mountain bluebirds are nesting close by in their houses. The iris and roses have been outstanding this spring due to all the rain. COME and REST and RENEW in the quiet and beauty of Serenity Cove.

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Irises in bloom

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Spring flowers with our beautiful mountain view

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Our churches will be full as we attend the Easter services, but what about our service personally and to others. Do we act on these calls to service?

The following quote on happiness is profound, as we all seem to seek and feel it is owed to us. What is happiness? A dear friend of mine and I have shared our view that happiness is the challenge to cope with the unexpected. It is not what happens to us, but what you do when it happens. Are we the most happy when we give of ourselves to others?

The following is a quote by Abraham Hicks, “Tell everyone you know; my happiness depends on me, so you are off the hook. Then demonstrate it. Be happy no matter what they are doing. Practice feeling good no matter what. Before you know it, you will not give anyone else the responsibility for how you feel and then you will love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them is because you are using them as your excuse to not feel good.”

This Easter reflect on the love that God has for you and give it back freely in happiness.

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Did your grandmother give you cod liver oil as your spring tonic?

Sadly, any natural detoxifier  or herbal cleansing product is not the norm and it should be

In the 30 plus years of helping clients heal their own bodies, I know paying attention to what we eat and when we eat it plus developing life style habits that promote health not detract from it is becoming more popular but it has been slow.

It calls upon all of us to “take charge of our health” to make choices that allow us to have more energy and be free of health compromising habits and thus a weakened immune system and the door opens to disease

What habits are detoxifying for us?

  1. Distilled water 8-10 glasses per day
  2. Deep breathing exercises involving breathing from the belly slowly 5 minutes 5 times per day for increased oxygen to our cells
  3.  Getting our rest going to bed around 10:30 and rising earlier if you need the private time.
  4. Some form of physical exercise you enjoy at least 4 times per week Walking, biking, hiking trampoline are some
  5. Improving your daily eating habits trying to avoid refined sugar,salt and processed foods and cook fresh with many veggies,fruits, salads nuts and seeds Eat organic as much as possible!
  6. Think POSITIVE and be in GRATITUDE developing your own spiritual practice whether it is prayer or meditation Expect the best!
  7. Keep your colon clean It is the root of all good health Take an herbal colon cleanser for 2 weeks every 3 months Make sure you move your bowels daily once or twice.
  8. Add coconut and olive oil and flax seed to your morning fruit smoothie
  9. Reduce your stress level
  10. Finally think of others and volunteer Be less self focused!
  11. Remember your body will heal itself it we give it what it needs Be proactive!
  12. Spend less time on your cell phone and when using it protect yourself from the radiation Check out the IPong case for I phones which reportedly reduce the radiation by upwards of 65% Google ways to protect yourself from I phone radiation  Sandra Slone RN Serenity Cove Natural Healing Center Greeneville Tn.

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We all hear so much about what to do everyday to achieve more energy and better health  One of the easiest and most effective and inexpensive health habit we can incorporate every day is drinking water!

Why is this so important? Our bodies are made up of 75% distilled water and our brains are mostly water.  Water is necessary to move our circulation thus delivering needed oxygen to our cells.

Water flushes out our stored impurities and toxins that make us tired, adds unnecessary weight and contributes to brain fog and joint pain and constipation!

Would you ever guess this fact ?

That we get our health and maximum energy every day from how we breathe, our sleep habits,Water Usage and then what we eat!!

How much and what kind of water??The formula is as follows:

Drink half your body weight in ounces of distilled water or reverse osmosis water only because they are very aggressive waters and will pull out toxins No other water will do that ! Spread the amount of water out throughout the day making sure that you drink at least 8 ounces every hour in the morning hours and finish your amount you determined with your weight by the day’s end

Don’t drink with meals

Drink it at body temperature -forget the ice!!

What can you expect?

More energy, clearer mentally, weight loss, better sleep, better elimination, clearer skin and a relief of joint pain and even headaches

The best way for you to do this is to have the water available in your home so you have easy access to it Avoid plastic bottles

Water companies will deliver this water to you or you can purchase a steam distiller of your own which will do about a gallon per day

This habit will result in so much change in your health so why not try for yourself??

Happy water drinking Sandra Slone RN Serenity Cove Natural Healing Center

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Here is the answer to a “powerhouse” nutritionally for starting your day!!

Not only will this recipe give you the most energy for your morning; but it will also be in harmony with your body’s natural cycles of elimination in the morning and eating your biggest meal before 3PM or 12 -3 PM when your energy is high and your digestive system can break down a heavier meal such as meat and and night eat lightly so you sleep better and are not kept awake trying to digest a heavy meal.

The results will be more energy, enhanced digestion and better elimination Sounds like a winner to me!

Ingredients to put in your blender:

about 1/2 cup organic fruit preferably berries

1/4 cup of almond breeze or coconut milk

1-2 T Greek Yogurt unless you are dairy sensitive

1-2T coconut milk

1/2 chopped avacado

1T Barley Green powder or another super green food of your choice

1-2T organic apple cider vinegar

The balance of the smoothie can be any of the following depending on your needs:

1T powdered bowel cleanser

1T Acacia fiber

1T ground flax seed

Enjoy !!

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Recently, Serenity Cove Bed and Breakfast and Natural Healing Center added a hardscape patio with a hot tub and a sitting area around a fire pit for its guests. A long range mountain view and surrounding woods makes this a lovely setting..

In keeping with the focus on health in a natural way prompted the addition of an OZONATOR and COLLOIDAL  SILVER to keep the hot tub bath clean and free of bacteria through the process of putting ozone into the bath and a natural antibiotic into the bath not chemicals like chlorine and the many others given with hot tubs. A silver dollar was also put into the water inside the filtering mechanism which will continue to release silver into the water.

Colloidal silver is used as a natural antibiotic when taken orally plus it kills viruses which is what most people complain of  and it does not destroy good bacteria in the gut as antibiotics generally do.

Colloidal silver was the antibiotic of choice in the medical field for years before the onset of pharmaceutical companies and their patented antibiotics.

The most important difference here is that colloidal silver addresses viruses as well as bacteria and does not disturb the good bacteria so critical in the “gut” Adding these to the hot tub experience here at Serenity Cove is in keeping with promoting optimum health naturally.

Finally, the skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body and will readily absorb what it is exposed to so why not make sure what it is absorbing is health promoting??

NOTE: Colloidal Silver may be purchased in a health food store and/or it can be generated very inexpensively and stored in a dark glass bottle and used when any hint of a health imbalance occurs.  It can safely be dropped into the eyes,ears and on the skin and consumed orally

It can be a way of prevention of conditions and not having to take a stronger antibiotic It is a good product to have in your medicine chest It is tasteless as well making it easy for children to take and safe in smaller amounts

Depending on your age and symptoms can dictate the amount adults can take 4 ounces every 4 hours to start and then back off to 4 ounces per day and children half of that