Thoughts for 2016

Jan 8th 2016

With much uncertainty prevailing in our country and the world, the call to be healthy is even more critical. We don’t know the challenges that might face each and everyone of us and all we have control over is ourselves …our decisions and actions

The following give us room for thoughtful consideration:
Keep informed and search for the truth behind all the panic and mistruths we are faced with daily Don’t rely on your favorite news program or internet source but go deeper and wider in your search.
We are instantly attracted to like-minded viewpoints and may I challenge you to think and be open to a broader perspective. How do I do this you ask?? How do I go beyond my beliefs which could be from childhood and from parents and friends? How do I know the truth?

I can only share what I have experienced and that is based on a lifelong journey of seeking the truth and testing it for myself and of course using common sense and intellect.

Are you a seeker? If you say yes how do you really know that you are? My search started at age 12 in Toronto, Canada where I was born and the subject was my faith and religion. I ended up attending many different denominational churches listening to the sermons and praying to be told the truth and sure enough I always knew when that faltered and then I would go to another church seeking.
I gradually over many years discovered it for myself and that I carried it within not to be found in any building I feel that way today still seeking and being open to new ideas and beliefs and asking myself is that my truth? In the Bible it states that the truth will set you free and it does, but the learning is a lifetime of the willingness to be open to receive.

What a gift you have discovered when you allow that to happen?? So much more comes into your life for consideration and adding the richness and excitement and variety that we all love. Be open to that please !!
When you hear different truths whether global, political, religious, moral, health etc. check it out and take your time investigating and most importantly how do you feel when you hear the information??
When I began my search for the truth of my God and Christ I went alone as my parents were not supportive or seeking as I was. I discovered what I had always coveted and that is the happiness and peace I witnessed in those that had found their truth in their spiritual life.
Now some 60-plus years later I am again seeking more truth and have returned to my source and that is God and Christ.

You have heard the expression, “When the pupil is ready the teachers arrive.” How true it is!
Recently a dear friend spent the weekend with me and she carries this inner peace and happiness despite any turmoil that life presents to her. I admired that I told her, so whereupon she sent me a book “The Case for Christ “ by Lee Strobel (A journalist’s personal investigation of the evidence for Jesus) What an amazing read and so convincing that I once again accepted Christ as my savior.

We can explore many topics and another high on my list of importance is health and the truth here.
I am a registered nurse by profession but quickly learned that there was no healing and prevention within traditional medicine and so once again I thought there has to be a better way and sure enough I was presented with opportunities in my own health to see that lifestyle and nutritional habits as well as body cleansing seemed to relieve and heal my symptoms. I embraced this and now many years later have enjoyed illness-free living with abundant energy What a wonderful result to discover!!

I have spent the last 30 years in natural healing creating 3 clinics in different areas of the country and still operate the 3rd clinic here at Serenity Cove in eastern Tn. My strong belief in this has resulted in my being able to assist many to higher levels of health and a relief of symptoms. What a privilege to assist in this way.

The important point I want to make here is that my time spent learning and helping others convinced me of its value. The quality of my life and health is ample reward for my efforts and the opportunity to teach my children and grandchildren of its value. Some 30 years ago when I embraced this for myself and started teaching it there was much doubt and today more and more people are “waking up” to the truth.
I am sad to say that profit drives the medical profession not cures and that many are hurt by unnecessary surgeries and drugs.

Think on this, that the population has to take responsibility for their health and until they are willing to do this nothing will change and people will perish needlessly.

So stay strong and healthy physically by proper rest and nutrition, daily exercise and pure water and make smart food choices, not fast food; high carbs and high sugar foods.
Lose weight if you need to reduce circulatory overload and be able to have a more active lifestyle.

  • Walk Walk Walk
  • Breathe Breathe Breathe
  • Rest Rest Rest 
  • For emotional and mental Health Be in gratitude 
  • Meditate daily and identify and reduce stress in your life
  • Laugh Play Laugh

Watch for emotional and spiritual guidelines for 2016, which will be following soon.

Any comments that you would like to share about my article would be appreciated and welcomed.

Namaste AleSandra Slone

Spring Cleaning is Here!

In addition to spring cleaning our homes, why not consider a cleanse of our body?
Serenity Cove Natural Healing Center invites you to spend a few days – cleansing and renewing.

Experience: Optimum nutrition, yoga/meditaion, hot mineral baths, Dr. Carey Reams Urine and Saliva Testing, Walking, Biking, Energy Therapies, Colon Care and Massage and teaching how to cleanse your digestive and eliminative systems effectively – all in the mountains of East Tennessee.

Results: Weight loss especially belly fat, renewed energy and better sleep.

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On This Mothers’ Day I Want To Invite All Women To –

We as women take care of everyone and everything from our jobs to our homes and own children, to volunteering, cooking and car pooling and care taking of our parents. The list is long and before we know it, we have acquired health imbalance symptoms – which could lead to chronic disease.

Stop! Look at this is in a serious way and commit to act for yourself!
Give yourselves a gift of health at Serenity Cove Natural Healing Center –
Release – Restore – Renew – Relax

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    • Organic raw living foods.
    • Meditate/ yoga / walk/ hike /ride, minutes away from Serenity Cove.
    • Healing mineral baths in nearby Hot Springs.
    • Natural therapies – from massage to reiki energy to raindrop essential plant oils therapy.
    • Dr. Carey Reams test of urine and saliva with results after testing, consult on results and how to restore your health and vitality with simple lifestyle and nutritional practices.

Design your own retreat.
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Clean Your Colon – The Key to Losing Unwanted Belly Fat

As a colon therapist and lifestyle nutritional counselor and owner of Serenity Cove Natural Healing Center, I have often been asked by my clients – “should I detox to lose my belly fat?”

What my clients do not realize is the relationship of a clean colon to their ability to digest, assimilate and metabolize their food and therefore not creating the extra fat in the belly to store added toxic waste.

So why the belly fat?

The body is wise and when environmental and digestive toxins are too many – extra fat tissue is needed to safely store these toxins away from the vital organs.

Because the digestive and eliminative organs are in the abdomen – this will be a prime area to store fat – from too many toxins.

Through years of taking my clients through their health renewal program including colon and liver cleansing – in every case there has been reduced belly fat and weight loss, renewed energy, better digestion and elimination, clearer skin, improved sleep, hormonal balance and all health symptoms are improved or relieved.

  So Why the Colon connection you ask?

Our large colons store our waste until it can be eliminated and through poor eating habits and never cleansing – many pounds of waste can be stored, abdominal muscles weakened and prolapsing and a larger belly resulting.

When our ABDOMINAL Digestive organs work effectively, one will not store toxins in the fat tissue of the abdomen.

Please reference the Reams Testing on this website as it is valuable for looking at the inner terrain and what is out of balance – to help create colon congestion, constipation, abdominal bloating and toxicity and weight gain.

“The health of the large colon is essential in avoiding weakness, sickness and disease in our body systems. With colon cancer as a leading killer in our country – it is time that we take charge of our Health by discovering what sets the environment internally for disease to occur. Only through changing our life style – to include nutrition and body cleansing and balancing – will we enjoy the quality of health that God intended us to have”

Namaste – AleSandra Slone


10 Common Questions about the Dr. Carey Reams Testing of Urine and Saliva

1) Why is this better than a blood test?

The urine and saliva picks up the imbalances in the inner body chemistry, that if not corrected could lead to a degenerative condition. A blood test only detects a condition or imbalance that has already occurred and now the time to prevent it is lost.

2) Do you receive your results as soon as you are tested?


3) How much time do I allow for the testing and results?

1 ½ hours

4) What does it cost?

A most reasonable – $100.00

5) Will I need to be tested again?

Yes, every 4 – 5 weeks for a few months to allow the body time to balance itself and for you to feel the benefits.

6) Is this test covered by insurance?

Unfortunately no, but it should be. Just think how much money could be saved in our healthcare system if we could prevent many of the degenerative diseases!

7) How do I learn more about Dr. Carey Reams

Visit this page: About Dr Carey Reams

8) What do the test results tell me?

  • Sugars High or low
  • High cholesterol occurring
  • Circulatory resistance – obstruction possibly occurring
  • Reasons for high blood pressure, degenerative distress
  • What are you assimilating from your foods and what you are missing

Exactly, (no guess work)

  • What minerals and vitamins you need
  • What foods you are allergic to
  • Liver weakness or stress
  • Heart stress
  • Reasons why you may be overweight and your ideal weight

9) How long it take for my body to come into balance and for me to feel relief from my symptoms?

Within a few weeks to a month

10) Will it be a manageable program and will I see results


A Few More Questions……

11) Is it expensive to do the program?

It is not, and can you put a price tag on your health?

12) How does this test compare to a hair analysis?

It is much more accurate.

13)  Finally, can I mail my samples?

Sorry! No, samples need to be fresh.

What Needs to Change in Our Healthcare System

Insurance coverage for those who seek to prevent weakness, sickness and disease through nutritional and lifestyle changes that promote health. Become informed and question and seek natural therapies first. Don’t participate in over-testing and treatment for symptoms and the “pill-fix” mentality, take charge of your own health, and believe in a positive attitude that the body can heal itself when we give it what it needs. Trust yourself and the power of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

The Importance of Proper Rest In Your Health

The stress we are all under today will overload our adrenals which are our “fight or flight” glands and only needed under extreme stress. But what if we feel stressed most of the time? Our adrenals suffer from exhaustion and “shut down” causing chronic fatigue and many other conditions. How do we keep our adrenals strong? Proper rest is at the top of the list, and what is that? Going to bed at 10:00 p.m. and getting those adrenal restoration hours from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. is essential. Ask yourself when you stay up late and sleep in later, do you feel as energized opposed to going to bed early and getting up early? The reason for these hours is the sun which exerts a positive, stimulating magnetic energy is the furthest away and thus our bodies rest more effeciently. Additional tips for optimal rest and restoration are: A totally dark room free of all electronics, even digital clocks, have your head facing the north if possible, leave the window open for fresh air, wind down one hour before bedtime, rest the mind by journaling, releasing your thoughts that are stressing you before 10:00 p.m. Think of five reasons to be grateful at the close of each day. The mind is powerful and it controls the body.

Do We Create Our Own Depression?

Do you believe in the power of the mind over the body and that our thoughts create our reality? What do we do to create negative thinking and depression:

  1. Faulty nutrition; too much sugar and caffeine
  2. Lack of exercise
  3. Lack of fresh air
  4. Use of pharmaceutical drugs
  5. Self-absorption rather than focusing on making others happy
  6. Victim consciousness; Why me?, negative thinking
  7. Blaming others and circumstances, rather than taking responsibility for yourself
  8. Feeling like we never have enough
  9. Lack of purpose
  10. Being afraid to change

“When the pain of being the same becomes greater than the pain of being different, you change”

We are in challenging times today and many of us have experienced “life-changing events.” We can always change and it is how we handle it that helps define our character. There are life lessons to be learned with change. Are we up to the challenge?