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A Healthy Retreat

The home/health center is a unique 15-sided wood/stone home and health center.  8-foot windows look out on picturesque views of the surrounding countryside. Built with environmentally safe materials, three air-purification systems, and passive and active solar energy, the main home is a nontoxic and peaceful setting for healing and relaxing.

Relaxing Getaway

$85.00/night. Organic Breakfast & healthy environment free of cleaning and building chemicals and mold. Magnetic Rest Mattress to give added optimum rest. Delicious organic evening dinners are available upon request. Maximum capacity is six guests per night.

Relax & Restore Getaway

$200.00/night. Accommodation per person, plus meals & raw living foods, raw, vegetable and green cleansing juices and super foods. Serenity Cove guests are able to choose their own retreat based on individual needs, time allowed, and finances.

Hi Energy Getaway

$125.00/night. Accommodations and daily organic breakfast. Bike or hike in the Cherokee Forest. 5 miles out and back on black top. Easy to Moderate. Guided tour of Hot Springs for housing hikers along the well-known Appalachian Trail. Additional charges for guided tours will be determined upon appointment.

Give Yourself a Gift of Health – You Deserve It!

Serenity Cove health retreats provide the knowledge, tools, time and peaceful environment to renew your mind and body. Urine and saliva testing, detoxification and energy work are three of the important therapies that you can experience at Serenity Cove; therapies that will help you bring your body back into balance.


One factor that causes our minds and bodies to fall out-of-balance is stress. Stress depletes our energy more than any other element in our contemporary world. It’s also a cause in the development of many physical problems. At Serenity Cove, AleSandra Slone, RN, will teach you how to manage the stress in your life so that it doesn’t continue to drain your energy and produce sickness. AleSandra provides one-on-one consultations and therapies to teach you healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits. She will be your personal assistant, every step of the way, supporting you in your efforts to make healthy changes. Making these changes will help you revitalize and maintain your energy and health.


AleSandra will also take you into her own kitchen and teach you how to prepare health-enhancing, delicious food. You will have an opportunity to make your meals with her as she creates scrumptious recipes from the simplest, and most healing, foods.


Give yourself a gift of health and plan a restful, rejuvenating retreat at Serenity Cove. Many health problems respond to the program of natural health care offered in the tranquil atmosphere of Serenity Cove.