Seminars and Workshops

Serenity Cove welcomes groups that seek a private, beautiful setting about an hour from, Asheville and Knoxville and a few hours from Nashville and Charlotte and Atlanta.There is space for about 12-15 participants and sleeping for 6 with other facilities nearby. Tents can also be set up.

Health related issues and self-sufficiency, survival camps are examples.Small groups of personal friends that want a get away can have a self-guided tour of the nearby Hot Springs and Asheville or bike riding and hiking in the Cherokee National Forest.Costs are dependent upon your needs and can be discussed with the owner: AleSandra Slone.

Recent seminars at Serenity Cove have included: Care Taking and how to renew and restore you as a caretaker. There are many caretakers in our country today and it is a most demanding and difficult job!

We have had lectures on the Asyra Machine and how it can screen your body and determine imbalances energetically and how to balance all with natural means.

An upcoming seminar will be on Women in Relationships and how to know when a relationship becomes toxic and how to move forward to take care of you.

Contact for more information

Call Alesandra Slone at 423-798-0537 or use our contact form. We will promptly call you back and  and help decide on what suits your needs the best. Your time and monies are addressed and respected as your stay is planned.