Spring Clean Out is Here!

Did your grandmother give you cod liver oil as your spring tonic?

Sadly, any natural detoxifier  or herbal cleansing product is not the norm and it should be

In the 30 plus years of helping clients heal their own bodies, I know paying attention to what we eat and when we eat it plus developing life style habits that promote health not detract from it is becoming more popular but it has been slow.

It calls upon all of us to “take charge of our health” to make choices that allow us to have more energy and be free of health compromising habits and thus a weakened immune system and the door opens to disease

What habits are detoxifying for us?

  1. Distilled water 8-10 glasses per day
  2. Deep breathing exercises involving breathing from the belly slowly 5 minutes 5 times per day for increased oxygen to our cells
  3.  Getting our rest going to bed around 10:30 and rising earlier if you need the private time.
  4. Some form of physical exercise you enjoy at least 4 times per week Walking, biking, hiking trampoline are some
  5. Improving your daily eating habits trying to avoid refined sugar,salt and processed foods and cook fresh with many veggies,fruits, salads nuts and seeds Eat organic as much as possible!
  6. Think POSITIVE and be in GRATITUDE developing your own spiritual practice whether it is prayer or meditation Expect the best!
  7. Keep your colon clean It is the root of all good health Take an herbal colon cleanser for 2 weeks every 3 months Make sure you move your bowels daily once or twice.
  8. Add coconut and olive oil and flax seed to your morning fruit smoothie
  9. Reduce your stress level
  10. Finally think of others and volunteer Be less self focused!
  11. Remember your body will heal itself it we give it what it needs Be proactive!
  12. Spend less time on your cell phone and when using it protect yourself from the radiation Check out the IPong case for I phones which reportedly reduce the radiation by upwards of 65% Google ways to protect yourself from I phone radiation  Sandra Slone RN Serenity Cove Natural Healing Center Greeneville Tn.