can you buy propecia over the counter My dear Alesandra,

http://precisionairductcleaning.com/precision-air-duct-cleaning/airmedic-air-duct-cleaning-slider-bg-1/ Joy? Define joy, finding you has been a fleeting moment of joy in my life. I needed an escape. I longed for it. My mind, body & soul were begging for release. While searching for a 3 day yoga retreat. I found you. We are two lost souls in the sea of life.

buy propecia finasteride australia Maybe it was happenstance but I believe it was destiny. I was meant to find you. From the moment I arrived I was able to let go of the chains that bound my thoughts and feelings. I was able to open up & share the pain that was trapped inside my heart & mind. I appreciate your listening to me & providing me a sounding board to also hear myself. I appreciate the thought provoking questions which helped me to see the position I’m in, the direction I need to take. To have someone to listen and converse without the feeling of judgement or fault is healing. Thank you. You’ve provided me with so much food for thought. Thank you for sharing your wisdom & guidance.

I needed this time away & I feel blessed that I was led to your door for the gifts of healing that you are able to provide.

In one area of my life I know the direction I need to go. I just pray for strength that I can follow through and do the right thing for all involved.

My road has been full of potholes and the journey long. I needed to recharge my body, organize my mind & strengthen my depleted body. You’ve given me so much in the last two days. You gave me you. Thank you Alesandra for your knowledge, your wisdom, your healing touch and friendship. I appreciate you.

Kendra – July 2017

Words cannot express how much I enjoyed my visit. All the knowledge from Alesandra is amazing. She is a true professional. I meet many people in my line of work and only a few show me warmth, compassion, patience, kindness and love. It was a very wonderful experience that I will hold close to my heart. Thank you for showing me all that you know and share.

I will miss Lucky and Cloe too.

Lauren ~ Sherrills Ford, NC

Alesandra thank you for your time and thoughts!

It was so wonderful meeting you and staying at the oasis that is your home. I came home feeling more rested and less weighted than I had felt in a very long time. After over a decade of my health slowly slipping through my fingers, my life has truly changed since meeting you. I so enjoyed all of the healing therapies I experienced and am thankful for the information i learned including about Reams, energy and muscle testing. After coming home and the supplements were helping my days to be a step above what they were. But during one of our conversations you mentioned “something weird like flukes”. This resonated with us and we researched it more. Suddenly, everything seemed to make sense that was going wrong in my body. My right pain, my intestinal pain, the seemingly random symptoms and hormone imbalances, the weak liver and gallbladder attacks, the malnourishment, low stomach acid and waking up every night vomiting. After convincing a doctor to give me biltricide, the World health Organization’s choice anti parasitic, I eliminated lots of liver flukes, larva and what could have been other types of parasites. Liver flukes are very difficult to test for, but with research and trying muscle testing I was confident this was what was killing me. Thank you so much for your hands on immediate healing, your knowledge of supporting health and balance and for your gift of a comment.
I’m continuing with my supplements and breathing and water and such. I have a friend here who is actually well versed in the emotion code and we are connecting soon to address any heart walls and for her to teach more more about muscle testing.

thank you deeply ~ Wren, June 2016

Wow amazing! There are no words to describe the healing I have experienced here at Serenity Cove. Alesandra is truly one of the most caring, compassionate and knowledgeable person I have ever met. Her healing techniques made me a believer. The transformation l have felt and seen with my IBS-C has been more than I could have ever imagined in my short two days here. I will be back! ~ Julie Greeneville, Tn

Words cannot express how much l enjoyed my visit to Serenity Cove. All the knowledge from Sandra is amazing She is a true professional.
I meet many people in my line of work and only a few show me warmth,compassion,patience,kindness and love
It was a very wonderful experience that l will hold close to my heart.Thank you for showing me all that you know and share. I will miss lucky and Cloe too.Larry is a gem.
Thank you again. ~ Karen Sept. 2016 Health Client

The Ream’s method of testing was definitely an eye opener to what my body was lacking in relation to vitality. My initial visit with Alesandra Slone at Serenity Cove gave me the jumpstart I was looking for in the search to improve my health. Discovering that I am allergic to supplements and food and eliminating those products has been life changing. With the correct supplements and food, I am now experiencing a level of energy that I didn’t know was possible as well as consistent weight loss as an added benefit. I also received a Reiki session with essential oils from Alesandra and experienced a beautiful release of the stress and anxieties I have been carrying. Our community is blessed to have the healing center at Serenity Cove located here!!
Angela, 2016

Just had to share that my class is confirming so much of what I already knew about natural wellness. Much of what I learned from my friend AleSandra Slone in the early 90’s when she had me cooking with glass or cast iron and NO aluminum or telflon. Now I cook with the highly recommended ceramic. Greenlife makes a non-stick. Studies have confirmed what many of us knew, that using aluminum cookware and foil has been shown to be found in the brain contributing to Altzheimers.
I think of all the TV dinners cooked in af! yikes!

Also confirming the dangers of bottled water in plastic and the leaching effect of petroleum. Best to take water from home in glass bottles.

I am very excited about what is finally coming to light that many of us have been living thanks to pioneers like my friend AleSandra now called
Ally. Thank you Ally!! Best in Health, Arya

What a Godsend and blessing you have been to us! Your patience, kindness & willingness to help us will last for generations. We pray all God’s best in this new journey of yours. You are a light on a hill, and an inspiration to more than you know.Noel, Penny and Mandy, Nolensville, TN – Retreat Sept. 2013

As a natural wellness practitioner myself, I always thought I had the answers to treating myself. I was wrong when it came to my digestive system…very wrong. Nothing I tried seemed to work. I knew that I needed help as my dear mother died of complications of a bowel obstruction. I realized that without a doubt Alesandra Slone was my go to wellness practitioner.Such blessing I received through her testing, knowledge and God-given talents of healing!I can truly say that it has been 25 years since my digestive system has worked as effectively as it has since Alesandra treated me with her loving care, her effective nutritional supplementation and breadth of wisdom.May God continue to bless many people through Alesandra’s care!
AH, Blowing Rock, NC ~ August 2013

“I decided to take time for myself this summer and work on getting myself healthy. I have had some emotional stress from the loss of my mother recently. I have also had low energy and my digestive system has been very sluggish. Detoxing is something that I have wanted to do but felt overwhelmed to start on my own. So in searching for a spa get away that would incorporate detoxifing and juicing brought me to Serenity Cove. Having the ability to be hands on was very helpful. Also knowing that Alesandra was a colon therapist gave me the confidence that I had found the right place. I took advantage of all she had to offer in treatments, none of which I had ever had done before, from raindrop therapy, ear candling, Reams testing to Reiki. All done in her beautiful bed and breakfast set in the Eastern TN. mountains. Close to NC. I also took advantage of the trails and mineral baths that were located close by and very easy to get to.

It’s only been a month that I have been using the supplements and juicing but have felt a great increase in my energy and my digestive system seems to be getting back on track. I can’t wait to see how my Reams numbers keep getting better. Thanks for everything!”Carmen C., Hinkley, IL – 7/26/13

“Alesandra…..it is hard to believe that it has been a month since we left your wonderful establishment. I thought that you would be happy to hear that Debbie and I are now owners of a juicer and loving it. We are still trying to get everything into a new routine but, I believe we are getting there. Debbie has even juiced fresh watermelon & apples for her granddaughter and she loved them both. I have only taken one allergy pill since our visit. This used to be a daily routine.”Sisters, Cindy W., Collierville, TN and Debbie R., Pelahatchie, MS – July 2013

“A few years ago I started developing a course called “Back to Self” because intuitively I knew I needed it myself. I was never able to get it right, simply because I was not there yet. I came here with the idea that I’d get a break from work and life and hopefully even get my belly a little smaller. Never did I imagine the healing I’d experience, much less that I would actually get back to being myself. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are amazing. You have not seen the last of me! In gratitude” Carie D., Winterhaven, FL – 7/19/13

“After spending just 5 days with Alesandra at Serenity Cove, my husband and I feel better than ever. Our vitality and energy levels increased dramatically and we took with us an overall sense of well-being; physically, emotionally and spiritually.Myself having suffered with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain for years, felt an 80% improvement from pain by the end of our stay. I feel like a different person!The knowledge we have gained from the CRBI testing, from Alesandra, from the benefits of cleansing, raw juicing, and feeding our bodies what they really need and want, is truly a blessing.Our whole experience at Serenity Cove was by far the best thing we have ever done for ourselves. We are looking forward to healthier and happier lives.” – Kim & Kris, Livonia MI – 5/22/2013

“I was always terribly tired. I got an upsurge in energy plus  improved concentration, bowel habits, muscle tone, sleeping and circulation in my lower legs – that’s the last thing I expected!”
Martha Ferris, 77, Greeneville, TN

“I’m 38 and AleSandra turned my health around in four weeks.I used to have unrelenting sinus congestion, sinusitis, post-nasal drip, pressure in my neck and shoulders, and chronic fatigue which could only be overcome by my own adrenalin. I have had 4 nasal operations, all unsuccessful, and have consulted with 3 allergists and 2 MD’s, none of whom gave me relief.

“Today, I breathe well for the first time. For example, this past weekend my family took a walk at the beach to take advantage of the 70 degree weather. I breathed deeply, enjoying the day as I never could in the past. My immune system has strengthened so that now when the kids bring home a cold from school, I don’t get sinusitis — incredibly! The post-nasal drip is virtually gone, as is the pressure in my neck and shoulders. I have a new vitality that reminds me of my college days.” -Jeff Goodstein, 38, Wilmington NC

“…all my arthritic pain of 20 years disappeared. My cholesterol and blood pressure are within normal range without any medication.” – Jeanne Driese, 62, Greeneville, TN

“I want to express my appreciation for your work and dedication to the well-being and health of your clients. Your work has provided an opportunity for me to review my whole lifestyle in terms eating habits, stress, and situations preventative health measures . I find the results of our work to be exceptional. My vitality doubled, my weight dropped off significantly, my digestion greatly improved, and gas due to parasites , which you helped me get rid of. Your caring for your clients is exceptional and I trust you and the work you do. ” – Bill Sanders, 56, Arlington, Virginia

“Reiki provides a way to calm and balance my energy. Through deep breathing techniques, relaxation, and Alesandra’s focused awareness on facilitating the Reiki energy, my health has benefitted greatly.” -Kathryn Sanders, 48, Greeneville, TN

“Serenity Cove  offers a beautiful and scenic location nestled in the hills of eastern TN. The home has a perfect mountain retreat atmosphere with a wrap around deck and sweeping views.The location offers a lovely place to hike and bicycle and to take mineral baths.You will be served healthy but at the same time tasty food and be housed in a chemically free environment yet warm and inviting.” – Jenifer Youssi, 49, Atlanta Ga

“AleSandra has given me back my health and taught me how to regain my energy. I’ve gotten out of bed, which I had no desire to do before, and started loving to live again, and living to love.” – Alda Bowman, 47, Greeneville, TN

“I have had urinary difficulties for 3 years and was diagnosed with suspected prostate cancer. Since Alesandra’s program, my urinary stream returned to normal and my energy greatly improved.” – L. Wilhoit, 56, Greeneville, TN

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done this past week! My stay with you has been a life changing experience. I came in with a lot of confusion in my life and left with so much clarity! I would highly recommend to anyone who is going through a struggle, either physically and/or emotionally, to come to Serenity Cove! This a very peaceful and inspirational place. With breathtaking views of the Smokey Mtns as a backdrop I took much-needed time to myself to do yoga, pilates and pray/meditate. I have learned so much about holistic healing and healthy eating habits. After giving my body a much-needed break from the “junk” (i.e. white flour, sugar and salt etc) and drinking nothing but fruit and veggie juice from her own organic garden I left feeling light, full of energy and well rested (that polarity mattress really does work – never slept so soundly!). She had performed a number of therapies on me during my stay. The Reiki was amazing…I felt the energy coming into me through her hands, healing my body. The results from the Reams test and Iridology was extremely interesting and told me things about my body that I wasn’t even aware of. The whole experience was an answered prayer, a true blessing and I was excited to come back to tell friends and family about it. Thanks again Alesandra!” – D. Behlke, June 16, 2014

Alesandra,I want you to know how much my stay at Serenity Cove has improved my health and happiness. The testing you performed showed several areas which needed attention. Your program of healthy diet, exercise, and supplements has succeeded in lowering my blood pressure enough that I no longer need prescription meds. I also feel much better after my weight loss. In addition, my sleep habits have improved, and my energy has increased to the point that I now enjoy hiking and biking the local hills and trails found in this beautiful part of Tennessee. It was a pleasure to stay in such a peaceful and nurturing environment, and to experience such an improvement in my health. I will be forever grateful. Thank you. – J. Brownlee, Florida, 2014

Alesandra’s property outside of Greeneville is a refuge! You can literally feel your body let go and exhale the minute you arrive. With beautiful views of the surrounding hills, a wrap-around deck on the second level and ample gardens, it is a sanctuary for people wanting to get away from their hectic lives and feel more grounded in nature. Serenity Cove is also located 20 minutes from Hot Springs, NC – a favorite place to soak in the mineral springs alongside the French Broad River. Alesandra has been my mother-in-law for almost 20 years, and I have learned a lot from her about natural medicine and living a healthy lifestyle. She is very knowledgeable in health and practices and teaches natural modalities for healing and takes great care with her guests. She can also create customized retreats for those seeking to regain health, reboot their systems, heal or support those already on that path. She has made her house a haven for those with chemical sensitivities. Alesandra is very active and can offer tips on local hikes or bike rides and even accompany you! Whether you’re just seeking a quiet getaway or a more comprehensive retreat, you will not be disappointed.-J.D. and Alicia, Nashville, TN

References from Family and Friends

Serenity Cove is a perfect weekend getaway to relax and rejuvenate while enjoying the beauty and serenity of the surrounding Tennessee mountains. The panoramic views of nature from inside every room in the house will help you feel immersed in the splendor of the countryside. You can appreciate it from the house and deck or go exploring on foot or bike on all the nearby hiking and biking trails. Asheville, NC is a beautiful one hour drive through the mountains and Hot Springs, NC is an easy twenty-minute drive. Paint Creek is ten minutes away and offers a paved walking and biking trail through the majestic valley and along the bubbling creek. If you are looking for more than just a weekend getaway, you can schedule longer health retreats to work on cleansing, nutrition and relaxation techniques to improve your daily health. If you’re looking for preventative health practices and natural therapies, you’re going to the right place. You will leave with the nutritional knowledge and understanding to elevate your health practices and daily lifestyle to reach your optimum health and energy level. Enjoy a relaxing stay and feel refreshed and renewed when you go home!- Jennifer, daughter and frequent guest of Serenity Cove

Serenity Cove is a beautiful 60 acre sanctuary in the rolling foothills of Eastern Tennessee within a few miles of the Appalachian mountain range. In fact, the beautiful Cherokee National Forest is within minutes of Serenity Cove. Alesandra’s house is centrally located on the tract with awesome views of the surrounding countryside, either from within the home with its ample windows, or on the spacious deck that wraps around it. Her huge yard encompasses a large garden that has seasonal variety of healthy vegetables to supplement your meals and it also has abundant flower gardens, that in season, will truly enhance an already serene setting. For those who wish to do some mountain hiking or bicycling during their getaway, this is the place, as AleSandra can either direct you and/or accompany you in either of these activities. And…there is abundance of really good eateries either in nearby historic Hot Springs, NC or in historic Greenville, TN. Also, if you are interested in embarking on a truly natural healthy lifestyle, this is the place, as AleSandra is an accomplished practitioner of natural health and wellness. She has an array of programs that will help set you on your way to healthy living the natural way. Finally, I have benefited immensely as a client of Alesandra’s health and wellness advice. Also, we have become lifelong friends with a shared interest in bicycling and hiking done mostly within minutes of Serenity Cove. So…let me assure you…if you are interested in stepping out of our typical hectic 21st Century lifestyle, for at least a while, this IS the place to go as it will not disappoint! – Jim, Charlotte, NC

Mother and Daughter from Mississippi spend a week renewing themselves at Serenity Cove. Including Daily meditation, yoga, walks in the national forest, mineral baths at the hot springs, with cleansing renewing therapy, raw foods, detoxifying and energy renewing massage with essential oils:

“What a lovely way to heal! After six days of safe and intensive detoxing, healing and nourishment. My daughter and I have discovered some wonderful tools to carry home. We are so grateful for the experienced and devoted attention we received from Alesandra Slone. I am reinforced and armed to carry new awareness in the future. My daughter is prepared to protect, heal and prevent unwanted illness. We thank you and will always remember your love and kindness in your beautiful, peaceful home.” – Sherry, Natchez, MS – July 24, 2015

“I have known Alesandra for over three years and have found her to be a really nice person — open, honest and really neat in appearance, manners and décor. Her home is lovely as well as quiet and secluded. Very peaceful and relaxing.

On Sunday November 8th, I made my 10 hour trek to Serenity Cove; in search of peace, wellness, and an overall restoration of energy. Upon my arrival, I was promptly greeted by the owner and holistic consultant, Alesandra Slone. Faithfully by her side was the resident canine, Lucky.

My initial impression was that, Sandra(Alesandra), fully embodied the health and wellness practices that she taught. She was beautiful, fit, incredibly vibrant, and possessed a sense of inner calm. I would later learn my underestimation of her intuition and innate healing abilities.

With no alarm clocks or rigorous scheduling, the daily ritual is built upon your own specific needs and goals. Our morning would begin around 8am with freshly prepared juice from locally sourced vegetables, some from Sandra’s very own garden, a steamy cup of organic Guatemalan, and a smoothie overflowing with Sandra’s hand picked concoction of pure goodness. While my initial intention was self-imposed torture from coffee deprivation, Sandra discussed my concerns with me, and with her gentle guidance convinced me that I did not have to sacrifice something that I held so dear, but rather be mindful of my consumption. This was indicative of Sandra’s overall disposition. I was learning a gentler approach with myself.

The days would be filled with yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, walks on Sandra’s impressive property, and an array of health modalities catered specifically to you. I indulged in a few of the negative ion detox foot baths, hot castor oil packs, Reiki, and an informative colon learning session.

One aspect that had me thrilled beyond words was The Reams Test. Saliva and urine is analyzed and a report is prepared specific to the condition of your body. Initially the results were a little overwhelming, however the findings were consistent with my lifestyle. While I thought I was serving my body by consuming large amounts of ice-cold water with my meals and throughout the day, the test indicated that I was essentially flooding my body, and not allowing my saliva or stomach acids to effectively break down my food. It was eye-opening to discover that there really is a specific method for water intake that maximizes how your body responds.

As an avid researcher of nutrition, natural health remedies, and prevention rather than succumbing to a pharmaceutical haze, I was completely amazed at what I was missing when it came to securing my own personal health and well-being. I must emphasize the vital importance of decades of hands on experience that could never compare to simply just reading and researching. Sandra was an overflowing fountain of valuable information and I was below her hungrily filling my buckets.

While my primary focus for well-being was nutrition based, I learned that what we consume is only a small portion of what is vital for the mind and body to operate at full potential. This revelation was instrumental in affirming that I now have the techniques to begin a new path of wellness. Putting these new principles in practice and seeing the positive results was incredibly motivating.

I now retreat to bed around the same time each evening, usually 10-11pm, without the need of my cellphone above my head. I sleep well and I wake rested around 6-7am with a genuine enthusiasm for the day. My mind is clear and I’m able to enjoy activities that I previously engaged in. My stomach size has decreased and I’m wearing jeans that I haven’t fit into in years. My body is eliminating waste much more efficiently.

My experience with Sandra was nothing short of life changing. I hold a deep sense of gratitude towards her in my heart. As someone who never allowed myself to really dig into my emotional debris, Sandra created a safe place that encouraged me to talk and reflect. While I used to find strength in not showing emotion, I now realize that the strength is in recognizing and honoring those feelings.

Life is beautiful, truly a gift, we must make a conscious decision everyday to live with intent, purpose, and joy. The foundation for living to your optimal capacity is a healthy body and mind. I have always felt that through my own reading, research, and practice that I could achieve my desired sense of wellness. I now understand that sometimes we need the guiding hand of someone who knows better. In deep gratitude, – Rose – November 8, 2015