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The Importance of Water in Optimum Health

buy Lyrica online We all hear so much about what to do everyday to achieve more energy and better health  One of the easiest and most effective and inexpensive health habit we can incorporate every day is drinking water!

Why is this so important? Our bodies are made up of 75% distilled water and our brains are mostly water.  Water is necessary to move our circulation thus delivering needed oxygen to our cells.

Water flushes out our stored impurities and toxins that make us tired, adds unnecessary weight and contributes to brain fog and joint pain and constipation!

Would you ever guess this fact ?

That we get our health and maximum energy every day from how we breathe, our sleep habits,Water Usage and then what we eat!!

How much and what kind of water??The formula is as follows:

Drink half your body weight in ounces of distilled water or reverse osmosis water only because they are very aggressive waters and will pull out toxins No other water will do that ! Spread the amount of water out throughout the day making sure that you drink at least 8 ounces every hour in the morning hours and finish your amount you determined with your weight by the day’s end

Don’t drink with meals

Drink it at body temperature -forget the ice!!

What can you expect?

More energy, clearer mentally, weight loss, better sleep, better elimination, clearer skin and a relief of joint pain and even headaches

The best way for you to do this is to have the water available in your home so you have easy access to it Avoid plastic bottles

Water companies will deliver this water to you or you can purchase a steam distiller of your own which will do about a gallon per day

This habit will result in so much change in your health so why not try for yourself??

Happy water drinking Sandra Slone RN Serenity Cove Natural Healing Center