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Here is the answer to a “powerhouse” nutritionally for starting your day!!

Not only will this recipe give you the most energy for your morning; but it will also be in harmony with your body’s natural cycles of elimination in the morning and eating your biggest meal before 3PM or 12 -3 PM when your energy is high and your digestive system can break down a heavier meal such as meat and and night eat lightly so you sleep better and are not kept awake trying to digest a heavy meal.

The results will be more energy, enhanced digestion and better elimination Sounds like a winner to me!

Ingredients to put in your blender:

about 1/2 cup organic fruit preferably berries

1/4 cup of almond breeze or coconut milk

1-2 T Greek Yogurt unless you are dairy sensitive

1-2T coconut milk

1/2 chopped avacado

1T Barley Green powder or another super green food of your choice

1-2T organic apple cider vinegar

The balance of the smoothie can be any of the following depending on your needs:

1T powdered bowel cleanser

1T Acacia fiber

1T ground flax seed

Enjoy !!