Health Self Test

Have any of the following affected your life?

  • Feel exhausted most of the time
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Experience constipation
  • Have bowel dysfunction disorders
  • Have bloating and indigestion
  • Have immune deficiency disorders
  • Have recurring yeast infections
  • Experience PMS
  • Have symptoms of menopause
  • Deal with a lot of stress
  • Experience infertility/impotence
  • Experience depression/mood swings
  • Have difficulty concentrating
  • Have an eating disorder
  • Abuse alcohol and/or tobacco
  • Have pain
  • Have allergies
  • Have recent weight gain
  • Have blood sugar imbalances
  • Have high cholesterol or blood pressure

If you have any of the above, consider scheduling a personal health evaluation by phone and/or paying a visit to Serenity Cove for therapies. You may call 423-798-0537 for scheduling. Phone consults are only $50 per hour.