Dr. Carey Reams Urine & Saliva Testing – $150/$100*

The Dr. Carey Reams’ Urine and Saliva Test is a non-invasive test of urine and saliva, providing valuable information about the bio-chemical balances in the body and where energy could be lost. A consultation and in-depth critique are provided. Reasons for health symptoms and body imbalances will be discussed and a program for correction will be provided.

Based on a common-sense approach to nutrition that demonstrates how complex issues such as health, life and wellness can be reduced to simple, easily understood, practical ideas and applications. The Reams’ test proves how certain principles of the life of plants and the soil applies as well to humans and health. The urine/saliva screening helps one determine the cause of the loss of energy and which foods and/or supplements should be added to an individual’s diet to fit their unique body chemistry.

The vitality test is a Bio-Chemical test that is not concerned with looking for symptoms but rather with measuring the physical energy of the body. The primary objective of this evaluation is to educate you about your body’s processes so that you will be able to correct the cause of body imbalances, rather than dealing with the effects (symptoms).

*$150 includes Health History/$100 without Health History ($50 Repeat Test & Consultation if recommended)

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