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Stress Release and Management

We cannot eliminate stress from our lives but we can protect our bodies from its devastating effects through life-style and nutritional choices which will remove much of the toxicity stress on our systems.

Stress – is the worst for depletion of our health and unfortunately today it is worse than ever with the rapid pace that we keep in our daily lives. Also, even before we deal with the stress of our daily life-our jobs and family responsibilities, keep in mind that physical stress is being exerted on us from polluted air, water and food and the electro-magnetic frequencies from microwaves, computers, television and computers and cell phones. We may be benefiting from our technology but our health is suffering! We are becoming sicker and sicker thus the challenge is in place to keep our bodies in the best health we can to resist these pollutants.

Learn from the Serenity Cove Health Program how you can identify where your body is breaking down, where the physical and emotional stressors are having their worst impact and how to correct it.

Your state of mind plays a vital role in your heath and well-being. For this reason I recommend the Transcendental Meditation technique, an evidence-based, non-religious practice shown by scientific research to improve brain function, reduce stress and stress-related disorders, normalize blood pressure, and produce many other life-saving benefits. Learning the TM technique requires personal instruction from a certified teacher and a series of classes (90 minutes each) over four consecutive days. While staying at Serenity Cove, you can learn the TM technique in nearby Asheville, NC ( I am a TM Health Affiliate, so through my referral you can learn the TM technique at a reduced course fee. The program includes a lifetime of free follow-up and support available in any TM Center. A TM Certified Teacher and Director of the Asheville TM Center can be made available here for instruction for small groups.

Optimum Health Benefits – You will experience these benefits quickly!

  •  Stress relief
  • Renewed Energy
  • Weight loss
  • Better Sleep
  • Enhanced memory, mood and mental  clarity
  • Better digestion, assimilation and elimination
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Prevent Degenerative disease
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Relief of pain
  • Hormonal balance
  • Enhanced fertility and libido
  • Higher quality of life
  • Clear skin

Benefits from a visit to Serenity Cove!

Many health therapies are available as Serenity Cove is a Natural Health Center.  Meditation, yoga, massage, Reiki, health analysis through urine and saliva testing, Iridology readings and detoxification programs are available for your choosing.


  • Learn where your energy is being depleted and why.
  • Know how to bring your body back into balance naturally.


  • Learn what your body lacks nutritionally and how to restore your health.
  • Learn about a lifestyle to relieve symptoms and prevent disease.
  • Learn the importance of cleansing your colon to develop optimum health.

Simple ♥ Effective ♥ Restorative ♥ Proven Results! ♥ Over 25 Years!

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