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Restore Health

Are you looking for health tips? Imagine what your life could be like with unlimited energy. Discover what can deplete your energy and health through one-on-one consultations, testing and therapies.

Alesandra Slone, Registered Nurse – 37 years, Lifestyle/Energy Holistic Consultant, Certified Colon Therapist, Analyst of the Dr. Carey Reams Basic Ionization Test of Urine and Saliva – 25 years. Iridologist & Reiki Master.

“The body is meant to heal itself naturally if we provide the right tools.” – AleSandra Slone

Call Alesandra (423) 798-0537 for more information or to schedule a appointment.

Announcing: To Empower Your Wellness!

A full-spectrum Sunlighten Sauna, now at Serenity Cove Natural Healing Center

What is it?

Sunlighten’s patented Solocarbon 3-in-1 infrared technology is Unique in its ability to provide: Near, mid and far infrared at optimal wavelengths based on 56 clinical studies. With high power infrared proven 99% effective and advanced LED technology delivering true near infrared heat – to heat the body not the air. It works to raise core body temperature, lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss.

Infrared technology is safe

Health Benefits:

  1. Detoxification (Far infrared)
  2. Relaxation (Far)
  3. Weight loss (Far and Mid)
  4. Heart health (Far)
  5. Pain Relief (Mid and Near)
  6. Anti-aging (Near)
  7. Cell Health/Immunity (Near)
  8. Wound Healing/Improved circulation (Mid)

A 20-minute sauna session 2-3 times a week at 130° is suggested to start and then build with time and heat.


Dr. Carey Reams Urine & Saliva Testing

The Dr. Carey Reams’ Urine and Saliva Test is a non-invasive test of urine and saliva, providing valuable information about the bio-chemical balances in the body and where energy could be lost. A consultation and in-depth critique are provided. Reasons for health complaints will be shown and a program for correction will be provided…

Dr. Carey Reams Urine & Saliva Testing (click to open)

Reiki Energy Work

The term Reiki means “Universal Energy.” This is an ancient therapy originating in the Eastern healing arts. It is a simple technique for transferring healing energy from the giver to the receiver. Reiki treats the spiritual and mental causes of an illness,not merely the physical symptom. Which shows that something is not functioning properly inside the body…

Reiki Energy Work (click to open)

Raindrop using Essential Oils

Essential healing and balancing oils are dropped on the spine from a height of about eight inches (hence the term “raindrop”)…

Raindrop using Essential Oils (click to open)

Detox Abdominal Massage with Instructional Session

Detox Abdominal Massage (click to open)

Che Nei Tsang

Che Nei Tsang (click to open)


  • Lifestyle
  • Colon
  • Nutritional
  • Emotional Releasing
  • EMF Electro-Magnetic Frequency Awareness and Protection
  • Teaching Massage for the Client

$35.00/hour upon request

More information…

A Word about the Importance of Detoxification.

Optimum wellness and freedom weakness, sickness and disease is proven to be a result of:

  • Healthy diet and lifestyle habits
  • Regular detoxifying from toxins that we take in daily – which requires – opening up all the pathways namely colon, liver, skin, lungs, emotions and attitudes.

“If we take the stress off the body systems, we can heal ourselves”

Detoxification at Serenity Cove

As a teacher of the importance for all of the above and colon therapist for over 30 years, this is at the core of wellness and freedom from disease. Taking the stress off the body systems, so the body can heal itself, as God intended for us!